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Can't Connect to the Tracker's Audio
Can't Connect to the Tracker's Audio

Notice your Logistimatics tracker's audio calls aren't coming through?

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Notice your Logistimatics tracker's audio calls aren't coming through? We know how much of a bummer that can be, and we're here to get things sorted out. Don't worry, this guide is your friend to help you fix those audio call issues quickly. We'll walk through the fixes together, step by step, so you can get back to hearing everything loud and clear. Let's team up and make this right!

Quick Guide to Fixing Audio Call Connection

Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve audio connectivity issues with your Logistimatics tracker:

Set Your SOS Number

Your SOS number is your hotline to your tracker—it's the number your tracker knows to listen to.

  1. Open the Logistimatics app.

  2. Choose your tracker.

  3. Go to [Commands] > [New] > [Set SOS Numbers].

  4. Type in the phone numbers that should have access.

  5. Hit [Set SOS Numbers] and wait for the 'OK!' confirmation.

Check Tracker's Connection Status

Your tracker needs to be online to pass along sounds.

  1. Fire up the Logistimatics app.

  2. Head to 'Active Trackers'.

  3. Tap your tracker's picture.

  4. Press [Info].

  5. Look for a blue or green location pin-dropper—that means you're connected. If it's gray, your tracker's offline and can't do live audio.

If it's taking a break from the network, move it somewhere new for a better chance to connect.

Verify Live Audio Minutes

No minutes, no monitoring. Here's how to check:

  1. Open the Logistimatics app.

  2. Tap the INFO tab.

  3. See how many live audio minutes you've got left.

Run out? Grab some more minutes through the app. Just remember, once your calls end and your balance reaches zero, your SIM plan is altered to restrict phone calls, that’s why it might take a little bit for your calls to connect.

Weathering Temporary Connectivity Issues

Sometimes, it's just a waiting game. Network hiccups can come from all sorts of things—too many people on the line, a big building in the way, or just being indoors. Hang tight, or move your tracker, and it'll likely sort itself out.

Wrapping Up: Your Audio Call Checklist

To get your ears on your tracker's live audio, make sure you:

  • Set your phone as the SOS number.

  • Check that your tracker is powered and networked.

  • Understand that some audio issues just need a little time.

  • Top up your live audio minutes if you're out.


For users with caller ID blocking enabled, adding +1 *82 before the tracker's number can unblock your call, ensuring connection. This step is necessary only if caller ID blocking is active.

What's Next?

Need more help? Get support from our team by contacting us through our Support Center at

You can also email us at

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time.

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