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How to download points from the tracking map?
How to download points from the tracking map?

A guide on downloading points from the tracking map for a specific tracker or all trackers.

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Keeping a log of your journeys or monitoring the movement of your assets is simple with our GPS tracking devices. This guide is here to show you how to download the location data of your trackers directly from the map. It's worth noting that this data is available for a limited time (90 days), so let's make sure you grab it while you can.

Downloading Current Locations of All Trackers

Extracting location data of multiple trackers at once can be done via the web app. To utilize the full functionality of the web app's GPS tracking feature:

  1. Tick the boxes of which tracker or all trackers you wanted to download its current location

  2. Click the downward arrow that says “Download these points” to get all locations in that time period. If you only want stops, click the flag icon.

Downloading Locations for a Single Tracker

  1. Head over to Logistimatics Tracking at

  2. Choose the tracker whose data you need.

  3. Pick the date range you're interested in. Remember, you can pull up to two weeks of data at a time.

  4. Click “Download these points” to save all the location data for that period. For stops only, the flag icon is your go-to.

  5. To explore another timeframe, simply adjust the date range and download again.


To make the most out of your tracking data, consider scheduling regular downloads every few weeks. This way, you’ll have a continuous record without hitting the 90-day availability limit. Remember, creating periodic reports before the 90-day mark ensures you won’t lose any vital tracking information.

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