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How to Power-Cycle Your Tracker
How to Power-Cycle Your Tracker

A Step-by-Step Guide to Refreshing Your Tracker's Performance

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Is your tracker not behaving as expected? A power cycle, or reboot, might just be the quick fix you need. This process is like giving your tracker a fresh start by turning it off and on again. It can resolve issues like connectivity problems and unresponsiveness. Here's how to power cycle different Logistimatics tracker models.



  • Unplug the Tracker: Remove the device from your vehicle's charger port.

  • Reinstall: Plug it back in, ensuring a secure connection.

  • Start Your Vehicle: Turn on the engine to provide power to the tracker.

  • Go for a Drive: Allow the tracker to reconnect by driving for a short period.


  • Find the Power Switch: Located beside the SIM card slot.

  • To Turn On/Off: Simply toggle the switch to the desired position.

  • Wait: After turning it off, wait about 10 seconds before turning it back on.


  • To Turn Off: Hold the function key until the red light is steady, then wait for 60 seconds until the lights turn off.

  • To Turn On: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until you feel a vibration and see the LEDs light up.


  • Access the Power Switch: Remove the front plate and the rubber gasket carefully.

  • To Turn Off: Flip the power switch to the OFF position and then reassemble the front plate, ensuring the gasket is securely in place.


  • To Turn On/Off: Open the device, flip the on/off switch inside, and press the button above the switch for 2 seconds to see the indicator lights.


  • To Turn Off: Unscrew the back to access the internals and flip the power switch to OFF.

  • To Turn On: Flip the power switch back to ON and briefly press the button to check the lights.


Ensure your tracker has ample battery before attempting a power cycle. A brief pause between turning the device off and on again can enhance the effectiveness of the reboot. This simple step can resolve many connectivity and responsiveness issues efficiently.

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