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My audio calls are not connecting
My audio calls are not connecting

Troubleshoot calls that are not connecting and learn common reasons for audio issues.

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When calling your tracker it only rings once or twice and hangs up.

Here is a guide and instructions on what to do.

If your tracker rings once or twice and immediately hangs up, the cause is most likely that you have not set the Center number. The tracker will hang up if it does not recognize the phone number that is calling it. A Center number is the Mobile number that you want to use to call your tracker. When you set the SOS number on your tracker, you’re authorizing your cell phone as a number that is allowed to listen (otherwise, anyone with the tracker’s phone number could listen in).

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register a Center number

1. Open the mobile app on your smartphone that is connected to your tracker.

2. From the main page of the app, select the thumbnail for the device in question.

3. Tap [Commands] > [New] > [Set SOS Numbers].

4. Enter the phone number/s to be authorized. For example, 1XXX-XXX-XXXX (Note: If your phone is set to Dark Mode, you may need to temporarily adjust the settings, and non-numeric numbers are not allowed. Enter your phone number without dashes or special characters).

5. Tap [Set SOS Numbers].

6. After a few moments, your device will respond 'OK! CENTER1: _____ CENTER2: _____ CENTER3: _____.' This indicates that the CENTER number has been successfully programmed.

Once you have successfully programmed the CENTER number, refer to the guide below to learn more about communicating with your tracker:

By setting a Center number, you ensure that only authorized phone numbers can access the tracker’s audio feed. This adds an extra layer of security to your device and prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your tracker’s audio feed.

How to access live monitoring

  • Call the device using the mobile app

    1. From the mobile app, open the tracker map for the device you wish to monitor.

    2. From the bottom menu, tap [Info].

    3. Locate the tracker's phone number listed under Audio.

    4. Tap [Call].

  • Call the device directly from the SOS phone

    1. Using your phone's dial pad, dial the tracker's phone number.

    2. Tap [Send].

Helpful tip: Make sure to verify the connection status of your device prior to accessing Live Audio. To do this, simply pull up the Logistimatics app on your smartphone, then open the live map of the device in question. If the device has an active network connection, the location pin-dropper will appear blue (or green if geofences are enabled). If the pin-dropper is gray, the device is not currently connected and Live Audio will not be available.

To add audio minutes you may Click here

For Live Audio FAQs Click Here

Troubleshooting guidelines

If it has been stationary for some time, the device will occasionally go into rest mode after about an hour of inactivity. While rare, this may sometimes cause the signal to drop (like a cell phone being put in airplane mode). The audio may not be accessible if the device has been stationary for longer than 30 minutes. Network reception is optimal while the device is moving, as it frequently connects to the closest LTE network tower.

This is usually not a cause of concern, as the audio signal will pick back up when the device registers movement again. However, it is advised to wait at least 30 minutes between attempted calls if they aren't connecting, as this will deplete minutes from your remaining balance.

If the issue persists, here are some additional tips that may help to troubleshoot:

  • Call the device directly from the app:

    1. Open the Logistimatics mobile app.

    2. From the 'Active Trackers' page, select the device's map thumbnail.

    3. Tap Info > Call

    4. Wait for the dial tone and proceed with the call.

  • Unblock your phone number:

    1. From your cell phone's dial pad, dial +1 *82 (555) 555-5555 (replacing the 5's with the device's phone number).

    2. Press Send.

    3. Wait for the dial tone and proceed with the call.

What's next?

If you have any questions or need assistance, please visit our Support Center at or contact us at

You can also find helpful video tutorials and FAQs on our website to further enhance your experience. Thank you for choosing Logistimatics, and we wish you a seamless tracking experience!

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