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How can I improve the audio quality of my tracker?
How can I improve the audio quality of my tracker?

This article provides valuable insights on enhancing the audio quality of our tracker, offering valuable guidance for improvement.

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Our trackers with live audio have micro-sized microphones with an audible range of approximately 1 - 1½ meters (~3 - 5 ft). Usually located on the front face or side of the tracker. It is essential to ensure that this hole is pointed in the direction of the person speaking to get the best possible audio quality.

When using a live audio tracker, it is recommended that the device be placed in an open area, such as on the dashboard of a vehicle. This positioning allows the microphone to capture sounds clearly and with minimal interference. It is important to note that if the device is placed in a closed compartment or covered by objects, the audio quality may be compromised.

In our experience, the best-hidden location inside a car is underneath the passenger seat. There is usually a metal bar that you can fix the tracker to.

For comprehensive insights on achieving optimal audio quality, we can visit the Tracker Placement page to explore the ideal placement options for our tracker within the vehicle.

Note: Portable tracking devices are not given the same priority on cellular networks as 4G/5G smartphones; thus, they will not present with the same quality/clarity as a modern smartphone would.

Our devices function first as GPS tracking devices, and second as live audio monitors. If you are looking for a device with the best audio quality we recommend the Car Charger Tracker. Out of all of our products, this device has the best audio quality.

Congratulations, as we have successfully acquired the knowledge to amplify the audio quality of our tracker.

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