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What do the colored dots mean?
What do the colored dots mean?

In this article we can learn about the meaning of the different colored dots on our map

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One common feature found on the map is colored dots, which can represent a variety of different data points. Understanding what these colored dots mean is crucial for interpreting the tracking on the map and making informed decisions based on it. In this article, we will explore the different meanings of colored dots on your map.

For legacy users, be aware that the colors of the dots and their meaning have changed from the old version of the app. The colors of the dots on the map also vary between map and satellite view.

What do the colored dots on the map mean?

Black or white dots – locations where the tracker was traveling faster than 1 mph (black or white dots depending on Map/Satellite view)

Black dot – Usually represents the location of the tracker on a standard map view.

White dot – Typically represents the tracker’s location on a satellite view.

Yellow dots – Locations where the tracker was slowing down

Red dots – Locations where the tracker was traveling slower than 1 mph

Big blue circles – Locations where the tracker couldn’t get a GPS fix and reported an approximate location based on nearby Wifi or cell tower locations

Congratulations you are now able to understand the meaning of colored dots on your map!

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